It is an excellent choice for families, as it belongs to the larger room types with its 30 m2.

It is also ideal for 2-3 people without having to compromise, but it can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people, leaving plenty of space for transport!

It has its own balcony, which can be used from spring to late autumn, thanks to its excellent location! Not to mention that the about fifty-year-old cherry tree in our yard blooms in May, which provides a beautiful view at this time, later in the ripening period, although guests of the Zrínyi room can cherry from the branches accessible from the balcony!

By the way, our early crispy cherries are also an excellent strudel that you can taste in our restaurant during the cherry season!

Cherry strudel can be tasted in our restaurant during the season: most of our guests ask for vanilla or walnut ice cream!

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