Restaurant Hunting Horn is offering regional, home-made Hungarian and international dishes in Sopron.

In addition to this, a cellar full of excellent quality wines is also waiting for the guests. We offer traditional, country and light meals as well.

Our dishes are based on our own tried-and-true recipes. We are constantly looking for the best raw materials in the region and we use them to create unique dishes with special seasoning!

For example: 

  • Fish soup with beans and cabbage from Sopron (Halra Magyar! Halra Bor! 2011.02.11)

(Fish soup with cabbage and beans is top-notch! []) (“It’s senselessly delicious” Dezső Straub – famous Hungarian actor)

  • Deer stew from Daloshegy (Singing Mountain) as the Chief likes it (with lot of red wine, chestnut, bolete)

(Hunting Horn is the winner of the Wine-Wednesday, a national menu contest, in the category of ‘lunch and dinner’ 2010.06.26)

Soproni babaos-káposztás halászlé 1.

We pay attention to your health!

We cook you healthy! Eat with us! Be our regular costumer!

We prepare everything freshly, only using natural basic materials!We no not use preservatives, flavour enhancers; on the other hand we use spices and herbs, home-made Chutney, fruit sauces, mushrooms and different kinds of pastry!


You can enter the necessary information, in short, the number of people, the time, whether the nature of the menu, or a specific menu, or even your favorite wines!

So we can wait for you with a set table, the prepared glasses, the perfect temperature champagne, wines or soft drinks!