Tartar Beefsteak, onion, tomato, paprika and toast2500 HUF
Pickled-smoked deer carpaccio, with truffle oil, toast2500 HUF
Wine offer:
Taschner: Soproni Bluefränkish Rosée 2019 1/8450 HUF
Pheasant soup with quail’s egg900 HUF
Goose giblet soup with goose troat noodles, as for 37 years600 HUF
Light cream soup according to the daily offer600 HUF
Carp fish soup in cup / stew pot1000/2000 HUF
Carp fish with cabbage and beans from Sopron (in cup/in mug)1100/2200 HUF
Goose liver scraps on toasted milk-loaf with onion 2500 HUF
Stuffed cabbage with 1 stuffing1000 HUF
Pancakes filled with minced meat and sour cream- Hortobágy Style 1 / 2500/1000 HUF
Cheese fried on hot plate with apple rings, cranberry sauce2000 HUF
Home-made noodles with cottage cheese and crackling 1200 HUF

( Túrós csusza)

Egg barely in letscho with spicy sausage contaning smoked cheese1800 HUF
Grilled pike-perch fillets with garlic, parsley potatoes2900 HUF
Pike-perch fillets fried in pumpkin seed crust, salad plate with blue cheese sauce3200 HUF
Breaded pike-perch fillets in home-made crumbs with parley potatoes2600 HUF
Plate for vegetarians:
Grilled chiken breast strips on salade plate with dill- yoghurt sauce2600 HUF
Hunting Horn sirloin with rice and waffle potatoes5500 HUF

(Grilled beefsteak, grilled goose liver, bolete ragout)

Sirloin with Dijon mustard and onions, home-made fried potatoes 4500 HUF
Medallions of pork fried in spicy cheese crust, Bean strudel 2900 HUF

beetroot salad (with horseradish and cabbage

Pork medallions seasoned with garlic, parsley potatoes2300 HUF
Breaded pork medallions with potato salad with pumpkin seed oil and onions1900 HUF
Country chicken breast fillets in almond crust, with caramelized fruit ragout and mashed potatoes2900 HUF
Country chicken breast breaded in panko crumbs, stuffed with goose liver3300 HUF

apple- cinnamon- rice

Chicken paprika with home-made gnocchi1900 HUF
Breaded country chicken breast with home-made fried potatoes 1900 HUF
Goose liver Favourite style with stewed rice and waffle potatoes3900 HUF

(Grilled goose liver, breaded apple rings, cranberry)

Goose liver fried in pan, fried onion rings, with mashed potatoes, cranberry3900 HUF
Grilled goose liver in pan, rice, fried onion rings, home with letsho 3900 HUF
Goose liver fried in panko crumbs, with home made fried potatoes3600 HUF

Beetrote salad (with horse radish and cabbage)

Crispy leg of goose, curly feather Hungarian goos, egg barely in letsho, cheese3300 HUF
Leg of Hungarian curly feather goose , with dumplings, with blue cabbage3300 HUF
Wine offer:
Iváncsics: Soproni Bluefränkish 2017 1/8600 HUF
Medallions of deer Sopron Style, with chesnut-bolete ragout5500 HUF

with spicy potato balls and “Poncichter” bean strudel

Medaillons of deer, in sesame crust, with mahed potatoes, and Cumberland sauce5500 HUF
Slowly stewed leg of wild boar rurally stily,3300 HUF

gnocchi with bolete, crispy onion

Leg of wild boar in brown sauce, browned dumplings2900 HUF
Deer stew from Singing Mountain, a the mater of the house likes it, 2900 HUF

with bolete, a lot of red wine, home-made fried noodles

wine offer
Pfneiszl: Soproni Merlot Classic ÖKO 2018 1/8 600 HUF
Compound salad with pumpkin seed oil (big) (lettuce, cucumber, tomato ) 1200 HUF

lettuce, cucumber, tomato

Tossed salad (small) (home-made mixed pickles)800 HUF
Green salad with oil-vinegar/ dilly yoghurt dressing700 HUF
Cucumber salad700 HUF
Tomato salad700 HUF
Beetrot salad (with horseradish and cabbage)600 HUF
Red cabbage salad with mustard seed600 HUF
Home-made hot pickles according to a recipe from Eszterháza600 HUF
Bean salad with onion and pepper-grass800 HUF
Potato salad with olive oil and onion700 HUF
Dilly yoghurt sauce, blue cheese sauce500 HUF
Dessert according to the daily offer1200 HUF
Pancakes Csárdás Style 1pc/2 pcs(poppy seed, nuts, jam, chocolate sauce600/1200 HUF

(poppy seed, nuts, jam, chokolate sauce)

Pancakes Gundel Style 1 pc/2 pcs600/1200 HUF

nuts, chokolate sauce

Pancakes filled with plum jam in chocolate from Tonka beans 2 pcs.700 HUF
Pancakes filled with peach jam 2 pcs (home-made jam)700 HUF
Ice-cream with whipped cream 1000 HUF
Chestnut puree Hunting Horn Style1200 HUF

(with black currant, Amaretto liqueur – bitter chocolate)

Chestnut puree with whipped cream (Cserpes)800 HUF

Mixed cheese plate: braided, smoked, goat cheese, sheep’s cheese, toast.

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