Fabulos 4 day 3 nights

Fabulous Holiday in the Hunting Horn!

Content of the Package:
The Fabulous 4 Days 3 Nights Package is worth 100.000 HUF

Everyone would like to go to Sopron.

  • Welcome drink 1-1 glass of Taschner champagne (Methode Traditionnelle, Brut Nature)
  • 2 x 4-course candlelight dinner, with 5 kinds of wine ( regional dishes based on our own recipes, wines from Sopron) /Ákos, Taschner, Töltl, Luka, Iváncsics wines, Pfneiszl- Fabulous Blue Frankish 2003/
  • Wine-tasting at the Hunting Horn Guest-house (Vincellér-house, Jandl, Weninger 1 occasion for 2 people)
  • Chocolate-tasting at the Harrer Confectionery in Sopron (2 entry tickets to taste 14 kinds of chocolate)
  • Entry ticket to the Zettl – Langer Collection at the Museum of Mining(2-2 pcs of tickets to entry both)
  • Canoe tour on the Lake Fertő from Spring to Autumn (participation of 2 people in the canoe tour in sporty clothes)

We personally guarantee the content of the package:
From the Fabulous Blue Frankish until we have it in stock: 1200 bottles were produced, 200 bottles were not put on the market, quite a lot of bottles have been already sold!

Mrs. Gyula Bausz master cook and Mr. Gyula Bausz publican

Mesés 4 nap 3 éjszaka
Mesés 4 nap 3 éjszaka

Wonderful 4 days and 3 nights are waiting for you!

All of this is available in the Hunting Horn Guest-house and Restaurant!

“I believe the Fabulous Country is like the Pfneiszl wines that I like so much. It is bulky and elegant at the same time. It has got minerals, moderate ligneous characteristics and wonderful fruit content. That is why we have just introduced it to the market.” (Brigit Pfneiszl Winemaker)

Hunting Horn pre-order discount

The pre-order discount is the best way to save even 20%!

We would like to award our guests who book accommodation in advance via our internet page!

So we award you even a 20% discount off the price!

This offer is advantageous for the both of us. Utilize the pre-order discount!

Do not miss such a good offer!

If you can plan your vacation and book a room in time, it gives you opportunity prepare restfully. The 20 % discount is economically advantageous as well!

Utilize your savings at the restaurant consumption!

Save up from the savings! How is it possible?

Take advantage of the ¼ litre dinner that is available for our staying guests!

Content of our half board offer: 1 soup, 1 main course, 1 dessert + 1/4 litre of the wine of the house, or a glass of beer, or a glass of beverage or mineral water!

The condition of the Pre-order Discount is to book at least 3 nights at the Hunting Horn Guest-house and Restaurant!
On the contrary of those who book rooms at the last moment, the pre-order discount creates the opportunity to explore the chosen destination (Sopron and its neighbourhood) and arrange programmes!

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