Summer Bobsleighing

Summer Bobsleighing

The summer toboggan run, leaves the user to actively participate in the events.

He competed alone or in twos, or slows down “the gas” and determined driving style and length.

The guest even decide whether it moves slowly or quickly, and so he always comes back to sled, independent of ephemeral trends.

The toboggan run Sopron always a good destination for: School trips, children’s birthdays, corporate and family days

Fun for young and old!

Sopron summer toboggan run accessible from the main road 84th

From Klingenbach Station 5km mark.

Summer Bobsleighing
Summer Bobsleighing

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 10h – 18h

Holiday and Public holiday: 10h – 19h

Price list:


1 x run                                                               450 HUF

6 x run                                                           2.200 HUF

Grouptickets (above 15 persons) 1 x run   320 HUF


1 x run                                                               350 HUF

6 x run                                                           1.700 HUF

Grouptickets (above 15 persons) 1 x run   250 HUF

Children tickets can be booked till under 14 years old!

Under age 3 is free.

A Haeving bought tickets everybody  takes notice of running instructions !

Length of lift: 240 m

Length of downhill course  900 m

Fall of course 26 m

Lift 3-4 min

Downhill 6-8 min

Curves 11



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