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Sopron Accommodation in the Town of Fidelity!

Why is it worth coming to Sopron? Even if you just a glimpse at the picture recognise the symbol of Sopron, so the Fire Tower.

Fire Tower with the Gate of Fidelity! ” FROM THE NATOIN TO SOPRON”

It is enough to climb several steps and you can take pleasure in the sight of the ruins of the ancient Roman gate under your feet. It is well worth heving a look at the exhibition and going on the top round bastion to check out the picturesque view.

Thanks to its former isolation Sopron kept its characterisic, zigzagged and evocative town center that has been the scene of many historical events. For example: coronation, parliament etc.

Several festivals raise a monument to the memory of these events every summer. There are plenty of programmes. To enjoy them, do not forget book your accommodation in time.

The offer of Sopron Accommodation is great? everyone can find the most suitable one.

A number of hotels, guest-houses and private accommodations are waiting for you all year!

Sopron Accommodation in the Town of Fidelity!
Sopron Hotels

Sopron Accommodation – Hunting Horn Guest-house and Restaurant

Our suggestion is the Hunting Horn Guest-house, of course where owners take good care of the guest personally.

Hunting Horn Guest-house is waiting for you with friendly, homely atmosphere, stylistly furnished rooms and a restaurant offering delicious food and exellent wine, next to the Peace Park in the green-belt environment of Sopron.

Sopron, the Town of Fidelity!

Sopron, the Town of Fidelity!

Sopron proudly bears this title, because the citizens of Sopron of that time took an oath on being the part of Hungary in a difficult, challenging time.

This noble action was acknowledged by the Gate of Fidelity ” FROM THE NATION TO SOPRON”

We hope that the succeeding generations would consider that we made good use of our heritage. Hopefully, this present period be referred to as a golden age when Sopron woke up from a long dream, because becam the centre of the region again and started prospering.

We can count  our blessing that we had the opprtunity to inherit such a heritage from our predecessors.

Sopron szállás - Vadászkürt panzió Sopron szívében

Pan-Eueuropean Piknik in Sopron

It is undeniable that Sopron is predestined to be the scene of significant events from time to time. After a while these events would influence history, for example the Pan- European picnic.

Visit the Pan-European Memorial Park; take your children and your acquaintances to show them where it all happened. Have a look at the outdoor exhibitions. It is the best if you could visit the park at the time of the annual commemoriation in August.

Sopron szállás - Vadászkürt panzió Sopron szívében

Sopron Preview

We feel obliged to show you the sights, historical monuments and other cultural , musik, theatre, and festival offers of Sopron. It is a pleasure for us that Cave Theatre of Fertőrákos reopened its gates after the reconstruction and offer great programmes. Visit the Cave Theater and do not forget to book your tickets in advance!

We would like to recommend deservedly popular fstivals to your attention, especially the VOLT Festival and the wine-fest.

Browse trought the programmes of sopron where you can find all the necessary information to find the most suitable one for your interest.

Ve wish you a substantial, memorable and adventurous holidy in Sopron!

If you have any questions: , send an e-mail, or call us! +36/99/314-385



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