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Restaurant Hunting Horn

Guest-house in the Green-belt of Sopron!

Hungarian guest-house in Sopron! Why Hungarian? Because we are constantly looking for regional raw materials. We offer exclusively Hungarian wines, we work with Hungarian staff and we use Hungarian basic materials whenever it is possible to prepare our craftsman dishes. We do not do this just because we are local patriots, but we believe that goods should not be transported all over the world because they lose their value of pleasure. Because of the transport, they are usually not harvested at the right time and they are artificially ripened during the way…

The Hunting Horn Guest-house and Restaurant attempt to save the environment by reducing the burden as much as possible. In the green-belt of Sopron, this is our obligation!

Sopron étterem – Vadászkürt étterem Sopron
Room Prices

Hunting Horn Guest House

We have four spacious, comfortable, bright rooms with balcony (natural light, alpine air), furnished with comfortable furniture made in Hungary. Rooms are also equipped with easy-to-use room safe to secure your valuables.

Every room has similar equipment: bathroom, hair drier, mini bar, individually adjustable central heating, ventilator, big screen TV (LED TV is able to play your favourite movies stored on pen drive) SAT (numerous channels in German and English as well), free and fast Wi-Fi!

Popular and delicious Hunting Horn breakfast! Tipsy bread whole grain wheat bread, brown bread, Pur-Pur baguette, Tuscan baguette, crescent roll, chocolate croissant and several other pastries! Home-made jams with reduced sugar content without any preservatives! Honey, quality butter etc. are also available.

Our guest-house is also an ideal place for friendly and family reunions, class reunions and business meetings.

CLEVER, rapid decision, low price!

Guest-houses in Sopron

Sopron offers numerous kinds of accommodation, so everyone can pick the most suitable place to be put up, from the small family gust-houses to the well situated hotels. Fresh alpine air is guaranteed everywhere!

The advantage of a guest-house in the inner town is that it s situated close to the points of interests, cultural programmes and things to see. However, advantages can easily become disadvantages!
How is it possible? Because of the historical buildings it is very difficult to develop an ideal bathroom. You have to make a compromise, but this inevitably reduces the feel of comfort. You cannot build in large windows so such rooms need artificial lighting and the change of air in the room is also a big question. There are constantly programmes on the streets of the inner town, so your relaxation is not guaranteed!

These guest-houses are often not accessible, or even impossible to reach by car. The designated parking lots are usually far away from your accommodation and of course, they are NOT free of charge! It is worth calculating and I believe that the Hunting Horn Guest-house is able to compete. You can play the sure game with us!

Please, read our guests’ comments!


Choose a family guest-house

The Hunting Horn Guest-house and Restaurant is such a place in the Alsólőverek!

These advantages are guaranteed by the owners of the Hunting Horn Guest-house!


  • Situated next to a park,
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Individually adjustable central heating
  • Spacious rooms
  • Own restaurant
  • Peaceful, surrounded by family houses,
  • 10-15 minutes walk from the inner town
  • As close to the inner town as to the park forest
  • The owners welcome you personally
  • In the kitchen of the restaurant we prepare all your meals personally from the breakfast to the dinner!

Prices of the Hunting Horn Guest-house in Sopron:

Prices of the Hunting Horn Guest-house in Sopron:

Room price, general, high season and low season prices: for 2 people with abundant breakfast:

Room priceNumber of nightsHigh seasonLow season
 For 2 people:
1 night:54 €/ room52 €/ room
For 2 people:2 nights:108 €/ room104 €/ room
For 2 people:3 nights:162 €/ room156 €/ room
For 2 people:4 nights:216 €/ room208 €/ room
For 2 people:5 nights:270 €/ room260 €/ room
For 2 people:6 nights:324 €/ room312 €/ room
For 2 people:7 nights:324 / room, (1 night gratis)312 €/ room

The Tourist Tax 1.70 €/person/nights is to be paid cash separately!

Ask about our offer, book now!

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