Forest Training Track

Forest Training Track

Forest Training Track
Forest Training Track

Forest Training Track in the Lőverek of Sopron!

Make some steps for your health! Your feet are always at hand!

Everything has a story in Sopron.

Did you know that the idea of developing the Park Forest is connected to András Muck (1851-1925)

the head-keeper and overseer of the Sopron forests?

Indicated tour paths, lookouts and shelters were built and forest tourism started to prosper in those days until World War II.

After the war forest tourism came to an end due to more important issues such as clearing bomb sites.

The very first Park Forest and Forest Training Track of the country awaits you,

The realisation of this splendid idea is owing to the followers of noble ancestors and they deserve to be mentioned by name!

The development plan was elaborated by dr. István Csapody, dr. Miklós Juhász, dr. Mrs. Jánosné Mollai Gabriella Csapodi.

In addition to them, we must not forget about the numerous botanists and foresters who have contributed to the work for the forests of Sopron!

(Kitaibel, Gombocz, Kárpáti, Csapody, Roth)

Countless lookouts, springs and monuments can be found in the forests of Sopron from the Celtic period to the present day.

Some of these monuments are quite expressive:

for example the Singing Hill and the Singing Stone remind us of the Meeting of Singers on this hill in 1986!

We humbly admit that the Vadászkürt (Hunting-horn) Guest-house and Restaurant also raised a monument to the memory of this event in our own way!

Our regional menu won the first prize in the National Recipe Competition in two categories:

Lunch: national recipe competition lunch category I. prize

Moulded salad, home-made bread with olive oil and garlic

Recommended Wine: Taschner: Green Oliver Champagne

Pike-perch fillets from Lake Fertő fried in potato coating, turnip ragout with rosemary, pumpkin slices fried on grill plate

Recommended Wine: Weninger: White burgundy (Pinot Blanc)

Grandma’s pancake filed with quince-apple with stripes of dark chocolate, almond flakes, with whipped cream roses and borage 

Recommended Wine: Iváncsics: late harvested Green Veltliner of Sopron

Dinner: national recipe competition dinner category I. prize

Liver of Martin’s Day goose, mildly hot colourful letcho, fresh potato bread

Recommended Wine: Töltl Zweigelt

Venison stew from Singing Hill with lashings of red wine, bolete, chestnut, crispy mangalica pig bacon scraps, served with bean strudel of Sopron

Recommended Wine: Jandl: Bluefrankish “Mission” of Sopron

Jonathan apple steamed in wine, filled with nut cream seasoned with cinnamon 

Recommended Wine: Luka: Merlot of Sopron

Take this splendid opportunity! It makes no difference in which season you visit Sopron.

Sopron and the surrounding forests will always give you a pleasant surprise.

After a long trip or some exercise on the Forest Training Track you can indulge in the excellent wines of Sopron or,

in autumn, our universal favourite, the venison stew from Singing Hill with lots of bolete and red wine!

Greeting from beautiful Sopron!



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