Early booking discount

Hunting Horn pre-order discount

The pre-order discount is the best way to save even 20%!

We would like to award our guests who book accommodation in advance via our internet page!

So we award you even a 20% discount off the price!

This offer is advantageous for the both of us. Utilize the pre-order discount!

Do not miss such a good offer!

Book now with Early booking 20% discount!

Early booking discount, Madach room
Pension und Gaststätte zum Jagdhorn
If you can plan your vacation and book a room in time, it gives you opportunity prepare restfully. The 20 % discount is economically advantageous as well!

Utilize your savings at the restaurant consumption!

Save up from the savings! How is it possible?

Take advantage of the ¼ litre dinner that is available for our staying guests!

Content of our half board offer: 1 soup, 1 main course, 1 dessert + 1/4 litre of the wine of the house, or a glass of beer, or a glass of beverage or mineral water!

The condition of the Pre-order Discount is to book at least 3 nights at the Hunting Horn Guest-house and Restaurant!
On the contrary of those who book rooms at the last moment, the pre-order discount creates the opportunity to explore the chosen destination (Sopron and its neighbourhood) and arrange programmes!


Advantages of Booking

Are you organizing a friendly or family reunion? Maybe you are planning to spend some time together with you dear one?
Imagine that you cannot find any available rooms, or you will not have the room you desired when you are arriving with an important business partner!

You can easily prevent this if you book your room in advance!

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Early booking discount

Advantages of Booking

Please, feel free to give us any necessary information concerning the number of people visiting us, characteristics of your diet or even the menu, or your favourite room!
Thus, we will be able to welcome you with your favourite room made ready for you, a set table with the prepared glasses for the perfectly chilled champagne, wine or desired beverages!

Foglaljon most 20 % kedvezménnyel!

Az Előfoglalási kedvezmény feltétele:

  • legalább 3 éjszakára foglaljon a Vadászkürt panzió és étteremben szállást
  • 45 nappal az érkezés előtt ki kell fizetni a teljes összeget

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A teljesség igénye nélkül

Néhány ajánlat a Vadászkürt Panzió és Étteremtől

Sopron gazdag kulturális, sportolási, szórakozási kínálattal várja Önöket:

  • Petőfi Színház, Bányászati múzeum interaktív, “Élmény bánya” különösen a gyermekek kedvelik
  • Zettl-Langer gyűjtemény, ahol megismerhetnek egy ízig-vérig Soproni polgári család történetével
  • Stornó házat, Pékmúzeumot be sem kell mutatni