Sopron Adventura Park

Sopron Adventura Park Lőver Adventure Park The adventure park located at Károly lookout tower with children and adult fields. Some […]

Forest Training Track

Forest Training Track Forest Training Track in the Lőverek of Sopron! Make some steps for your health! Your feet are […]

Volt fesztivál

Volt Festival

Volt Festival Party, world famous  stars and carefree fun. Do not pass on one df the most upbeat festivals known […]

Firewatch Tower

Firewatch Tower The symbol of the city of Sopron is the Firewatch Tower. Its cylindrical lower part was built on […]

Sopron, the Town of Fidelity

Sopron, the Town of Fidelity A 60 000 lakosú nyugat-magyarországi város Sopron (németül: Ödenburg, horvátul: Šopron, latinul Scar(a)bantia) a Fertőtől […]

Petőfi Theatre

Petőfi Theatre The first stone theatre of country opened in Sopron in 1769. Petőfi Theatre of Sopron A regular theatrical […]

Bakery Museum

Bakery Museum   Farmers and craftsmen who lived in the outskirts of the town were protected by city walls during […]